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Just a Soak: A LTM Porn Battle fic.

Title: Just a Soak
Author: JanuaryLight/Kyasurin-chan
Fandom: Lie to Me
Pairing: Cal/Gillian
Rating: M
Prompt: Bath, gentle.
A/N: For the Porn Battle XIII.

"Don't mind me, love. Just enjoying a bit of a soak."Collapse )
Title: The Long Con
Author: JanuaryLight/Kyasurin-chan
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Nate/Sophie
Rating: M (It is for the Porn Battle, after all.)
Prompt: Elevator.

Cut for pr0nzCollapse )

Oh hey, I'm still watching TV

You know what I love? I love TNT. All of the shows on that network are brilliant.

Tonight, The Closer and Rizzoli and Isles both had the same kind of case - a child disappearance - and they both did it very differently, but wonderfully. Both these shows are exceptionally well-written and acted and just... everything. These episodes in particular were brilliant.

I love how intense The Closer is getting! I'm loving it! But I'm also really nervous about how all of this is going to end for Brenda. I know the spin-off, Major Crimes, is going to take the place of The Closer, but I'm really going to miss this show when it ends. Even if my theory is correct, and the spin-off will feature more or less the same squad but with Raydor as the Chief, it just won't be the same without Brenda/Kyra. I mean, I love Raydor and Mary MacDonnell, I'm just saying it will be a different show entirely and I'm going to miss the show that it is now.

Oh, and I totally have a crush on Tao's son. Which is okay, because the actor is probably about my age anyway.

And, OMG, Rizzoli and Isles. With so many of my shows dying, I'm thinking I may or may not end up throwing myself head-first into this show and fandom. I'm not usually inclined toward slash, but I ship Maura and Jane SO MUCH that it's not even funny. Sometimes I find myself actually forgetting what the case is because I'm too busy looking at the lesbian undertones in the show.

BTW, is anyone else watching Suits? I'm in love with Michael Ross. I wanna date him so hard.

Fic: The Art of Control

Title: The Art of Control
Author: JanuaryLight, AKA: Kyasurin-chan
Fandom: Criminal Intent
Pairing: Goren/Eames
Rating: M

Control is something he values...Collapse )


Quick Post After a Long Weekend

So I spent this weekend at an Anime Convention put on in my state, and I had a TON of fun! There was a lot of shopping done - actually, for me it was more browsing than purchasing. Aside from that, I went to a few panels: The Horrors of Fan Fiction, Cosplay Night Court, and Lolita Fashion.

I learned a lot in the Lolita fashion panel. Lolita fashion was something I had known about and been mildly interested in before because I thought it was adorable, but I never really did any research about it, so this was a good overview of what the style is actually like. Now, this doesn't mean I'm planning on dressing in it. Yes, I think it's adorable, but it's just not convnetional enough for me to use in real life, along with the fact that it's something I'd rather look at than wear. Plus, I couldn't afford to wear it anyway.

The Horrors of Fan Fiction and the Cosplay Night Court were just fun panels, both 18 and up events. They were HILARIOUS and mildly scarring. Let's just summarize by saying that if you think you've read some terrible fics within your fandom, you ain't seen nothing. No matter how bad what you think you've read is, there will ALWAYS be something worse.

One of the main highlights of the weekend was the RPG based on Leverage that I participated in. IT WAS SO FUN!!! I've never done an RPG before, so I don't really have anything to compare it to, but from what I heard this was more focused on creating the story and characters rather than a lot of action and dice rolling. I met some great people and had a great time. It was something I'd definitely do again.

And so, after spending my weekend surrounded by all the exciting people and events that are at conventions, I started to think about what it would be like to have a convention based on crime dramas and other television shows. The convention is based in anime and some gaming, but I have to admit that I'm not all that much into anime any more and I've never been to it as much as crime dramas.

Would you be interested in attending something like that? A crime-drama themed convention.  I think it should happen. I may or may not make establishing at least the guidelines for such a convention a goal in my life.

And so...

It turns out that to rename myself here on LJ, I need a rename token for $15. I really don't have that kind of money to spend on random internet things like a name... so I have a new question for you all:

Should I delete and get a new account?
Poll #1759170 Account?

Should I get a new LJ?


Quick Username poll.

Poll #1758578 Username

Changing my username, which of these is best?


Criminal Intent Finale VLOG!!!!

Remember three days ago when I said I was going to make a video blog on my response to the Law and Order: CI series finale? Well, this is that vlog! Please watch and let me know what you think!

Fic: Wronging Rights and Righting Wrongs

Title: Wronging Rights and Righting Wrongs
Author: Kyasurin-Chan
Fandom: Law and Order: CI
Pairing: Goren/Eames
Author's Note: My sincerest apologies and kudos to scriberestagere , my favorite author, who has already done this idea far better than I have. I was not trying to copy her and I apologize if that is how it seems. But I promise you mine is different!
They never intended for the sex to become a regular thing...Collapse )



I'm thinking of changing.... my name.

What can I say about the CI finale? Oh, I can say so many things. In fact, there is so much that I can say it would be dangerous to try to say them all at the same time.

And you know what? Because I'm lazy and don't feel like typing and organizing my thoughts and because I just got a new Macbook pro with a shiny camera I've been waiting to try out, I'm going to do... a VLOG in response to the CI ending! That's right, you're going to get to see my FACE. My face TALKING and FLAILING and SQUEEING about Goren and Eames. You should all be very excited. (But not too excited because I probably won't be making it until tomorrow, because my hair looks like crap today.)

With the end of CI - the show that first got me into fandom - and my high school graduation a few weeks ago, I feel like I'm at a sort of transition period in my life right now. Which has led me to contemplate my username. I've had this name since way back in middle school, and I really like it, but I think it's time for a change. But, if you've been paying attention, you might have noticed that I don't really change usernames around a lot. I've been Kyasurin-Chan on every single site I've joined. So I've had this name for years and if - WHEN I change it, I want it to be something good. Really good. Something I'll keep for years to come.

And I know it sounds silly because it's just an internet username, but I feel like the change is sort of symbolic too. So, if anyone has any sort of suggestions of words or anything you think describe me or would be good to have in a username, please do leave comments!

And look for my CI VLOG review in coming days! I'll be posting it here.